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Putting New Teeth Into Place

Senior woman in dental chair grinning

Do you have one or more missing teeth? Are you tired of being self-conscious about your appearance when eating, talking, or attempting to smile? For more than 120 million Americans living with at least one missing tooth, they understand this reality all too well. Fortunately, our team at Anthony C Garza DDS can restore your smile with the help of reliable and effective tooth replacement solutions. Using state-of-the-art dental technology, we can create natural-looking dental bridges, dental implants, or dentures to fill the gaps and boost your appearance. Call our dental office if you’re ready to say hello to a new smile.

Why Choose Anthony C Garza DDS for Replacing Missing Teeth?

  • We Partner with a Local Periodontist for Dental Implants
  • Enhanced Digital Imaging for Accurate Treatment Planning
  • Flexible Dental Financing Available

Dental Bridges

Illustrated dental bridge replacing a missing tooth

When it comes to rebuilding smiles that are missing between one and four teeth, a dental bridge is commonly recommended. Made up of two dental crowns and artificial teeth (pontics), the prosthetic rests on top of the gums to fill in the space, while the two crowns fit over nearby anchor teeth that are altered to ensure a proper fit. When cared for properly, they can last 10+ years and deliver improved oral health and aesthetics.


Dentist holding set of full dentures

If missing teeth along a row are not consecutive, or an entire arch is without natural teeth, we can build a partial or full denture to replicate the look and feel of a regular smile. Using acrylic for the base, the artificial teeth will rest on top before the prosthetic is fitted to ensure optimal quality, comfort, and aesthetics. With full or partial dentures, patients can expect to use their teeth as normal so that eating, speaking, and smiling are considerably easier than before.

Dental Implants

Dentist holding a model of a dental implant in the jaw

Permanence is often a preference for many individuals with missing teeth. Instead of relying on regular replacements over time, an alternative solution can be the answer. Made using titanium, these artificial tooth roots can help to rebuild the foundational component of any smile while also supporting the custom-made restoration that exists on top. Whether it is a crown, bridge, or denture, you can expect to see a new smile that can last 30+ years.

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